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Picture of Blending Room

Noteable Blends is a private,
membership-driven, non-traditional
tasting / listening club

Picture of the Noteable Blends coffee goddess

Picture of Noteable Blends coffee goddess

Do you love coffee, tea, and music–I mean reeeally love? Are you ready to join in the search for and enjoyment of the best non-traditional coffee and tea in the world? Are you looking to share that experience with knowledgeable people like yourself–without the traffic of a typical retail cafe?

Are you ready to experience Kaffe Espressivo™, a completely original and revolutionary approach to espresso coffee? How about a velve'tt'ccino (the double 'tt' is silent)? The world's finest non-traditional cappuccino? We'll let you be the judge.

Welcome to you new home away from home.

  • Relax in a unique, non-traditional club environment–Chestnut Street Crossing (aka The Blending Room).
  • Taste the world's finest non-traditional coffees and teas, masterfully blended (and well below market prices).
  • Tune your epicurious senses with various other bibulous and polyphagous delights.
  • Listen to recorded music or live performances on our stage.
Picture of Noteable Blend stage

Noteable Blends is a meeting and performance venue

Picture of Scott and Suzy talking

Picture of Scott and Suzy Ragsdale talking

Outside of regular club hours, Chestnut Street Crossing can be rented by members for private use.

The room is completely reconfigurable to accomodate your requirements.

  • Performance/Showcase: A unique and intimate 100-person venue. Our professional stage, sound, and lighting, and our experienced staff is at your service.
  • Green Room: A centrally-located but secluded space to warm up before or cool down after a gig.
  • Song Writing: Chestnut Street Crossing is all about passion, joy, and creativity. We think you'll find our space inspirational, not to mention our great coffee and tea.
  • Wedding/Reception: Take your vows or celebrate them in our unique environment. Or use our room as a bride or groom ready room. We also work closely with Events Nashville, a larger, 350-person venue literally across the hall from us, for whom we provide a "side reception room" focused on coffee and tea, or an alternative ready room. We can also provide coffee service in the "big room" for your reception–our espresso cart is ready to roll.
  • Business Meeting: Surprise your clients and/or staff with an exciting and stimulating meeting location–plus our beverages will help keep everyone alert and on task.
  • Party: Birthday. Anniversary. Retirement. Fund-raising. Reunion. Company staff appreciation. Karaoke. Holiday. Sports. Bar/Bat Mitzvah. First Holy Communion. Graduation. Do you really need an excuse?
Picture of a Mikeatto

Picture of a Mikeatto

Noteable Blends is a non-traditional coffee and tea blending service backed by over 40 years of experience

Example of notorious blend label

Example of notorious blend label

Each of our unique and personalized blends of non-traditional coffee or tea reflects who you are–the music you love and make, the people you've met, the places you've been, and the things you've done.

We don't just put your name on a label–we put you in the blend.

  • Personal Blend: Enjoy a private ego sip, or share with friends.

    Getting married? What a perfect way to share your joy.
  • Notorious Blend: Cup-by-cup your fans will remember how much they love your music. They may buy one tee-shirt at your concert, but they'll be stocking up on your blend of coffee or tea every week or two!
  • Group Blend: Your church or civic group can raise money while building group identity, and the income is self-regenerating.
  • Business Blend: Restaurants can finish a meal with the best coffee available–your own–and when your diners ask, "Wow, the coffee was great. What was it?", send them home with a bag full of great memories.

    Retail shops, including non-food-related businesses, can offer a novel item for their customers to enjoy every day. Looking for a marketing widget? It's in the bag! Skip the refrigerator magnets and post-it notepads. Each scoop into your bag of coffee or tea puts your company's name and logo front and center. Now, in marketing that's what we call "legs".

Have You Been Blended Yet?

You + Music + Great Beans/Leaves = Your Noteable BlendTM