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Thirty Years of Romancing the Bean

Hillsboro Village–The Early Years. Scott Davis started Noteable Blends in 2009, but his relationship with coffee began in the 1970s while managing Davis Cookware, his family's retail business in Hillsboro Village in Nashville, Tennessee. At a time when Alfred Peet was just starting to raise the level of coffee appreciation out on the West Coast, Scott began doing the same for coffee lovers in Music City, offering high quality beans, and educating customers in how best to grind, brew, and serve.

From the beginning Scott has been experimenting with various blends of beans and roasts.

The Blending Begins. A big part of Scott's coffee journey has always been his quest for the best coffee experience, and that quest starts with the beans. From the beginning Scott has been experimenting with various blends of beans and roasts with great success. In 1979, working with beans from First Colony, one of the oldest and certainly one of the finest coffee roasters in America, he created his popular Latte Blend. Soon the big roaster was knocking on his door, asking for the recipe, which has become one of their best-selling blends.

A New Language—Describing the Indescribable. Part of the enjoyment of coffee has always been the linguistic challenge—how best to describe the aroma and taste of a particular coffee. Traditionally coffee afficionados have borrowed terms from the world of chocolate, wine, and cigar tasting. As someone who has always enjoyed music, Scott saw the possibility of bringing musical metaphors to the experience.

The Secret Ingredients. And finally, Scott saw the possibility of connecting you with just the right blend of coffee beans. Starting first with the music you love, and love to listen to, and then finding out all the other things that bring joy and pleasure to your life, Scott adds his years of coffee experience and knowledge, to create your own Noteable Blend.

Have you been blended yet? Join us in our Blending Room soon! And if you can't make it to Nashville, we can blend you by phone.