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Our Get Blended℠ Process Is a Simple Yet Subtle One

The Quintessential You. We're not just putting your name on a label—we're putting the essence of who you are, including your music, into the coffee blend itself.

The Music that Moves You. Music has been at the heart of the coffee experience from the very beginning. According to legend, a humble shepherd in Ethiopia discovered coffee when one night he noticed his goats dancing in the moonlight. They'd found and eaten the beans of some nearby coffee plants. We have no idea what music they were hearing that night, but we want to hear the rhythms and melodies that inspire you now.

Music has been at the heart of the coffee experience from the very beginning.

Relaxing in our Blending Room, we'll listen to CDs of some of the music you love. If you play a musical intrument, our production manager can hook you up a guitar, or maybe our 1964 Hammond A-100/B-3, or our Mapex drum kit or LP percussion kit.

Beyond Music. We'll go beyond music to discover the people and places that have inspired you—parents, friends, artists, writers, philosophers, teachers, foreign lands and peoples—you name it.

Fine-tuning the Blend. As we talk, listen, and play, Scott will add his knowledge of coffee to the mix and begin to bring together just the right blend of beans. After he grinds and brews the first take of your Noteable Blend, we'll all taste and tell. Is it a keeper? Or is it back to the coffee lab for some fine-tuning? It's your blend—can you hear the music?

Join us soon! And if you can't make it to Nashville, we can blend you by phone.